Rudolfo The Pig Sticker

When ask by a local high school senior to build and design a knife specifically for hog hunting in Texas, I looked toward Randall Made Knives for inspiration.  I really like Randall Made’s Model 14 Attack knife.  I based by pig sticker loosely on the Model 14.   When deciding on a name I went with Rudolfo The Pig Sticker.  The knife was made at the request of Rudolfo.  Now he has a knife named after him.  This knife should dispatch any hog found in Texas.

$450.00       for a similar knife to be made.

20140406_170100 20140406_170054 20140406_170138 20140406_170210 20140406_170249 2014-04-06 17.03.30 2014-04-06 17.03.53 2014-04-06 17.04.14 20140406_170436 20140406_170439 2014-04-06 17.04.53 2014-04-06 17.05.38 2014-04-06 17.05.46


The knife is shown with 5160 steel, a stabilized dyed maple handle, with brass pommel and guard.

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