About Me

My name is Don Hinds and I am from Waxahachie, Texas. I am currently enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America and I am working on fulfilling my dream of being in the restaurant business. I have always had an interest in knives, which really spawned from my father. He taught me how to sharpen and correctly treat knives. His website is linked at the top of the page. In the kitchen, a primary utensil is a knife. Basically every dish made in the kitchen is derived from some form of knife utilization. So, with my already existing love for knives combined with the need for a sharp knife at all times in the kitchen, I created Hinds’ knives. I can sharpen just about any piece of metal with an edge on it and will put forth my full effort to make it as sharp as I possibly can.
I use a machine called ” The Sharp Machine”. It is essentially a portable belt sander connected to a tiny motor. I progress through three different grit belts to achieve the sharpest edge I can manage. I start with a 120 or 220 belt and grind until the edge of the knife rolls over on itself. Then I switch to a 600 belt to roughly knock of the rolled edge. Finally, I use a felt belt with a little jeweler’s rouge to knock any excess rolled edge off and to strop the edge. I am left with a new, razor sharp edge. I can also sharpen knives with serrations and correct any nicks or broken tips. All I need to start is an outlet.